Mission Statement

The Summer Singers is committed to providing our community with a variety of excellent a cappella music at the highest level of artistry. We aim to make our music accessible to all by providing concerts on a free-will donation basis.

We strive to inspire, uplift and educate the community in the history and art of choral music. Through our passion for music, we hope to bring to the greater community a similar passion and appreciation for choral music and the arts in general.

The 2018 ensemble:





Rachel Farhi Kelsey Forman Brian Brokofsky Peder Bolstad
Kylen Glassmann Shannon Hart Patrick Coleman Adam Irving
Cheryl Friedrichs Betsy Sullivan Ken Duvio Taylor Quinn
Jessi McKinnon Stephanie Sulzbach Peder Flaten Dana Skoglund
Rebecca Nystuen Rebecca Tobin Wayne Hulting  

Artistic Director: Dr. Russell Adrian
Assistant Director: Dr. Katherine Chan